Game Art

Defeat! Cheat! Repeat! - in Heat!

Fight your friends in short rounds of battle royale combat.

Form temporary alliances and choose carefully when to betray them.

Evade dangerous environmental hazards - or knock your enemies right into them.

Enter the Sorcerers League!

Sorcerers League is a fast paced combat arena, in which elementals try to kill each other in the middle of armageddon-like environment events.

This game was developed by a team of students at the S4G School for Games in Berlin.

Who should play Sorcerers League?

Do you want to have a chaotic battle royale fight?

Do you want to forge temporary alliances and betray your friends?
Do you not have a lot of time?

Look no further. Sorcerers League is the perfect game for you!

Become the champion by combining gaming skills with social skills.

  • 2 - 4 players
  • Local competitive multiplayer
  • Requires one controller per player
  • Mouse and keyboard can be used for one player